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Motorcyclist Dies in Lilburn-Area Crash

Realtor Discovers Abandoned, 'Trashed' Home

The home appeared to be an abandoned, foreclosed property, but had a lockbox on it. When the real estate agent walked in with a client, they got a very unwelcome surprise.

I have been in the real estate business since 2007. I have seen a great many things as I have shown homes and had many laughable experiences, as well as few that make you scratch your head. Today I had one of those experiences that make you go hmmm.

A client of mine wanted to view a home. It looked like a perfectly normal home from the outside. Nothing that would raise any alarm. When we entered the home, all we could do was say I can't believe this.

The home has been trashed. When I say trashed, I mean it literally and figuratively. There was stuff everywhere. You could barely walk and couldn't really even make out the layout of the home due to amount of stuff that was everywhere. I took a few pictures which I have included.

It appalled both me and my client  how anyone could do such a thing to a home. I have seen other things, like a second story deck that was taken off the house or feces rubbed into carpets. Never have I seen so much stuff piled and strewn everywhere.

Prayerfully, these scenes will become less commonplace over the next few years as our housing market continues to recover. We live in a society that on the outside has high standards, but as they say, you don't know someone 'til you live with them.

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