New eClass Pilot at Berkmar Middle, 13 Other District Schools

The BYOD or, Bring Your Own Device, pilot began this past fall, and some 14 schools are participating in the innovative classroom program.

This school year at least 14 schools -- including Berkmar Middle -- are participating in a pilot program designed to enhance learning through the use of electronic devices.

The "BYOD" pilot -- which stands for Bring Your Own Device -- is part of eCLASS, Gwinnett County's digital content, learning, assessment, and support system initiative.

As part of the pilot, select schools will allow some students and teachers to use their personal devices to access the Internet in hopes of creating better learning.

In Lilburn, Berkmar Middle School is part of the pilot program because of its focus on writing; literature; and use of Write to Learn, a web-based literacy tool used by teachers to increase reading comprehension.

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It's a way, the district says, to prepare for the time when all students will bring their own technology to class.

In the meantime, the district is also expanding its Wi-Fi capabilities and researching what kinds of devices, such as e-readers, cell phones and tablets, can be used for classroom instruction.

The five clusters currently participating, include: Archer, Berkmar, Duluth, North Gwinnett and Shiloh.

In addition to Berkmar Middle, the schools participating are: Archer High, Benefield Elementary, Centerville Elementary, Chattahoochee Elementary, Cooper Elementary, Duluth Middle, Harbins Elementary, McConnell Middle, North Gwinnett High, North Gwinnett Middle, Riverside Elementary, Roberts Elementary and Shiloh Elementary. 

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