Jeffrey Allen
Jeff Allen was born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 3, 1974.  He moved to Loganville when he was 9. He graduated Loganville High School in 1992. 
He began his career in the fire service later that year when he signed on as a volunteer firefighter with the Walton County Fire Department. He attended college for about 30 seconds before taking a job as an EMT in Conyers. In 1998, he joined the Henry County Fire Department as a career firefighter/paramedic.  Today, he is Coodinator of Volunteer Firefighters for Walton County and a Station Officer for Henry; holding the rank of Lieutenant in both Departments.  He has served as deacon at Corinth Christian Church in Youth, where he remains an active member.  He plays acoustic and bass guitar (left-handed and not very well), Though he has written many unpublished articles over the years and since witty posts on Loganville Online or Facebook don't really count, Patch.com is his first venture into professional journalism.  He still lives in Walton County with his wife of 17 years Windy, a local schoolteacher, and his two children.  Allison is 14 and Caleb is 9.    He recently bought an epic zero-turn lawnmower. Even though he knows that he really has no reason to mention that here, he's quite proud of it, and frankly he just couldn't help himself. He has mowed the grass twice a week since he bought it and he will likely continue to do so for the forseeable future even though his wife thinks he's nuts.  It's that awesome.
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