Joann Donnelly
"Joann Donnelly? You don't look like a 'Joann Donnelly'!" That's usually the first thing someone says to me when meeting me for the first time.   When you meet me, you'll probably think the same thing. 
I am 28 years old, and have lived in Babylon Village for the last eight years.  Growing up in lower Manhattan, I thought I would never leave, but after September 11th, 2001 it was time to go.  My husband Brian, who was my boyfriend at the time, and I searched all over Long Island to settle down and finally discovered Babylon Village.  On July 22nd 2005, we got married at John Anthony's (now Venetian Yacht Club)  and had our first child, Kian in 2007.  Twenty-two months later, we had Kai, who is definitely the bossy one of the two. My whole life I had an issue with controlling my weight and alway thought that I was "fat." Having a twin sister who was always uncontrollably thin did not help these thoughts of mine.  Looking back on some old pictures that childhood friends uploaded onto Facebook recently, I was definitely a chubster at different points of my life.  Right around the time I entered high school I lost my "baby fat" and became very active with dancing.  During my time at CW Post, I stopped dancing, my eating habits changed for the worse and inevitably so did my metabolism. I started getting unquestionably heavy and my skin began to look like the greasy horrible foods I was eating.  Now living on Long Island for almost a year, and unconsciously becoming reliant on cars, I was slowly becoming obese.  What really tipped the scales was after I had my two sons.  At five feet and two inches tall, I weighed 180lbs and I felt pathetic.   Six weeks after Kai was born, Kian asked me to "be a frog."  So I got down in a crouching position and went for the leap with a "ribbit!"  Two things happened at that frog-imitating moment: The "ribbit" and a smack in the face (not from Kian, but figuratively speaking).  As many times as I tried, I could not get off the ground and I was gasping for breath.  From that moment on, in combination of support from my Soulmate, inadvertent positive role modeling from unsuspecting friends, "breaking up" with my best girl friend, keeping a food journal and kicking my own butt with exercise--I thoroughly changed my life.  I truly hope to transmit my enthusiasm for health and fitness to you through friendship & Babylon Boot Camp. 
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